Thursday, December 18, 2008

the steamcopter prototype first flight

Steamcopter prototype first flight

I guess I am in a creative phase :)
After creating my first own outfit, I have started building a few objects. I have built an object which is the core of my Christmas presents, so, for the moment, it must remain undisclosed, and today I made my own steamcopter fly for the very first time. Just a very first flyby around my airbase and over the runway in the sky over Winterfell Ebonshire but it was enough to test the opensource script I am using and my first customizations to it.

Well ... so far so good. I was able to steer, I did not crash and I was able to get back to the starting point, so I am happy and I can move to the next steps. The toy is not yet ready to be distributed, but I hope to have a beta available in a few days to distribute to a couple of beta testers (should I find any volunteers :) )

I started building the steamcopter to be used as a shuttle between Star Port and the airbase but since I found the opensource script and since I like the look, I think it may be used also as a standalone vehicle.

Stay tuned for the updates :)


Steamcopter prototype


Serra Anansi said...


Anonymous said...


/me volunteers to test it for you too - and can do a good job since she has damage enabled on her land :)

Camilla said...

Beta testers? Did someone say beta testers? Sign me up. I love new toys!
Seriously, this looks great. You are in a very creative building and scripting phase right now. It is nice to see you enjoying it!

Princess Ivory

Johnnie Rajal said...

You are the man, Wild, totally cool!

AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo I volunteer to beta test too!!!!!! So neat to hear you are in an creative phase!!! I sure wish I were better at scripts! I sure admire people who are good with scripts! It sure looks like a neato helicopter!


PS: It is snowing LIGHTLY over here at the moment -- I hope it REALLY snows A LOT-- and sticks -- Anyway -- I mention it cuz it is so cute- Blueberry is on the window sill watching the snow fall -- I wonder what she thinks it is ? She is very interested in it. Maybe she thinks it is a bunch of white moths or something. (giggles) Oh crud -- it stopped -- that was WAYYYYY too short. I hope we get some more. (Comeon SNOW!!!!!)