Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sailing in Mainland

I had never taken a tall ship into mainland waters before. Too risky. The canals are narrow and one has to move around ban lines and security devices.
Yet, all the buzz about the Linden waters around Nautilus and the future plans about the Blake Sea and moving the USS convinced me to try.

I TP'ed around Nautilus City and I spent quite some time looking for a place where I could rezz the Battlestar. If the Lindens plan to support sailing grid-wide they have still a lot of work to do. Almost all the sims were no-rezz and sometimes even more strictly limited than the usual sims in any private estate, so that even wearable technology did not work.
At the end I found a friendly dock on a privately owned plot on the southern shore opposite Nautilus City and there I was able to rezz the Battlestar.

Once the ship was rezzed the experience was great! Nautilus City is surrounded by several sims of Linden water and it was easy to take the ship all around the place, easily circumnavigating all the area.

It is clearly a much better situation that all the other mainland continents. I wish Sansara or the Atoll or Jeogeot were so easily sailable.

After circumnavigating Nautisul City I decided to see how far I coud go, so I turned the bow north and I reached the northeastern corner of the Nautilus continent. It was mostly an easy navigation. Only once I barely avoided a security orb - nastily set to just 10 secs warning. Fortunately I was just at the edge of Linden protected water so I avoided to be kicked home.

As I reached the NE section of Nautilus SL began to misbehave and I crashed. A pity that the channel connecting it to the Corsica continent is on the NW side. It would have been fun to cross into Corsica :). It was late anyway and it had been already a lot of fun.

The Battlestar was very successful. Several people came out to admire her during the navigation and shouted to me tha tis was a nice ship. Chase Speculaas did such a great job: the frigate model is fantastic for sea battle and roleplaying, but even for fun sailing she is a a beauty ! :)

Fair Winds and Happy New Year !


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AuroraSkye said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Congrats! And glad you were able to avoid one of those security send-back-home orbs -- I HATE those!