Friday, December 5, 2008

My first outfit

It all started with my recent explorations of Openlife and OSGrid. After a few days hunting for freebie clothes and after realizing that male outfits are even more rare there than in SL I decided to try to make my own outfit, and of course, I thought about a naval uniform :)

I downloaded the available UV maps and I started putting layers down. The Opensim Grids have the advantage the importing textures is still free, so trial and error is not that expensive at the moment. I also made prim epaulettes and a scarf and after a while I was satisfied and I started wearing it. After a couple of days I wondered why not to import the outfit in SL as well, and so I did.

I wore the outfit for a couple of days and nobody started laughing at me. Somebody even told me that it looked good. The original outfit was blue but since I felt comfortable in it I started wondering why not to make a similar one with the Winterfell colors. So, after a a few attempts in matching a brightness that looked good in-world, and after putting the Winterfell symbol on the epaulettes, I had the Winterfell purple outfit as well.

It may be not the best looking outfit in SL - actually it is a pretty simple and naive in many ways - but I am quite satisfied for a first attempt.

So I decided that the uniform might make a nice freebie, if anyone else like it and I put it both in my Bright Star Gallery in Winterfell Laudanum and in the Star Port Authority Office in Winterfell Ebonshire. They are both in a box under the Christmas Tree :)

Happy Holidays :))



AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo neat outfit, Wild. I can't wait to come and pick up your freebie version. I think it would look neat on women avies too. That is so nice of you to offer it.


(How funny = my word verification today is: "cogshead" LOLOL)

Alpha said...

... and the seed of creativity germinates once more (~_~)...

Looks great WB - and it sounds like you taught yourself a few things, as well as had fun (^_^)d.