Sunday, August 10, 2008


Following Torley I installed Vollee on my Nokia N73

Vollee is basically a client that allows Second Life to run on mobile terminals, included some cellular phones.

I was impressed : it worked ! I logged in and I was able to move around quite smoothly. The required bandwith is not bad either.
Unfortunately the user interface is not very friendly and typing without a QWERTY keyboard is really a pain. After a while, looking at the small screen ot the phone my eyes started to pop out and I had to terminate the session.

Yet, despite these shortcomings, I was highly impressed: porting the client on such small devices was a great accomplishment and I am sure then on a bigger device, such as a PDA, it is going to be a much better experience.

Should I go shopping for a new toy ? ;-)


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Anonymous said...

You could not hug me - I consider that to be a complete failure of the client :)