Sunday, August 17, 2008


Time goes by very quickly in the virtual world
I have been an active avie for just more than one year but to me it seems much much longer

Friends that I have known for one year give me the feeling of a lifetime acquanintance, and places that I have known and loved have evolved, changed or are even long gone.

Maybe it is the speed of change of the landscape so much faster than in RL, that give this feeling of compressed time.

Look how much Faeria have changed in one year, for instance : I discovered Faeria looking for bookstores in search and my first memory of it is the old TP point and the old Booksmythe. They have both gone for months.

It is with some nostalgic mood that sometime still think of those first days, the poeple TP'ing in the old point near Lord Lisle's stall and the stairs going down to Huk under the change sim warning sign ... the old path to Nakji, going through that lost corner of paradise that was Princess' dream and around the ban lines ... the pub and Master Peck's shop in their old locations ... Hastings' and Lord Lisle's Galleries ...

The PHC saturdays in the old common area seem so lost in time already, and some of the people who used to attend are so much missed.

So many things has happened in these months : Faeria expanded a lot, got almost all the parcels embedded into it and allowed a more rational placement of buildings and shops. The forest expanded , growing even into Hwang and Rhee. The village has been modified first and and rebuilt from scratch then.

One of the not so happy moment is what I call the failed Invasion of Huk. It was a bold attempt to expand Faeria into the sim west of it , with the merchant fair and the galleries that started to be built there. And then the fall back, the sex club filling the space that was supposed to become part of Faeria, the village that had to be moved away from the border and the sad moments and the decisions that ultimately took Princess away from Faeria.

Now Faeria covers almost the entire Huin, a wonderful library is being built and the beauty has only increased ... yet ... sometime I miss that old TP point and the layout that now is only in my memory. It looks so far away in time.

so long



AuroraSkye said...

WOW what beautiful pictures, Wild! I love the one with the big storm clouds above it. It even shows my fractal art at the outside area where it used to be. I know what you mean about how fast things change on SL. Sometimes it can be hard to see those changes -- Even in my short time on SL (a year and a half I guess) I have seen quite a few changes and friends have come and gone. It sure makes me value the friends that are still there all the more.
Hopefully we can all create some wonderful NEW memories of good times with friends. :-)

Hugssss! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes - I miss the original layout too - the original Booksmythe and the village. While the new layout is more practical and logical, it does feel like something was lost there - but you know, the old TP point is still there - it is my alt's home position :) And Faeria has not changed nearly as much as some of the places I know of in SL - many of which are gone completely... but that happens in RL too, just more slowly.

Wildstar Beaumont said...

you are right Aurora ... your fractals near the old TP point are another one of those memories ... Sorry I failed to mention it.
And ...

... yes, Mykyl. Tha idea was right that: things change so quickly with respect to our experience in RL that it feels that a much longer time has passed

AuroraSkye said...

I didn't mean that you had to mention my fractals, Wild. :-) It was just neat seeing them in that picture =- and as I say -=- I LOVED those RAIN clouds! :-D

I think Faeria is still magical and can be even more so. :-)

Hugs to you and Mykyl.