Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the unveiling of the water witch

It was the 21st of July 2007. I had joined SL for a few months but I was not very active. I was mostly exploring SL in search of book related places. I was a homeless newbie, wearing freebie jeans and t-shirt, who took the AV to sleep on a bench on Book Island before logging off :)
That day, using the search tool looking for books I was redirected to a place called the Booksmythe. I ended in Faeria and my SL experience was changed forever :)

As soon as I rezzed there I met Aianna and Mykyl for the very first time. They were organizing a big event that same day : the presentation of Aianna’s first book of her fantasy saga: The Valley of the Ivory Swan: Warrior Princess. That evening I went back and I was witness to a huge success. Tens of people assembled in Faeria and other sims connected in streaming to accommodate more audience listening to Aianna reading excerpts from her book, and in the following days the event was blogged all over.

In the months following that first event Aianna’s readings have been taken place in many places: Faeria, Alurel, Winterfell, the Guild of UK Writers, and others, some of which no longer exist. Aianna is a fantastic storyteller : listening to her voice telling her tales is a magical experience.

Now, after weeks of hard work, Aianna has finally imported into SL the second book of her saga : the Water Witch.

The book will make its SL debult in Faeria Village, Huin on the 15th of August, 4-6 pm SLT. Aianna Oh will be reading excerpts from the book live on stream. The event will also be streamed in five other sims where Aianna has been reading in the past year:

  • Alurel Market
  • INKsters on Cookie Island
  • The Library in Winterfell Palace
  • The Stone Circle in Milk Wood (Scotland Plarmigan)
  • The Garden of the Muse in Dreyfus

Aianna will share the stage with CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster a magical voice and charming personality, she is well worth hearing as well.
Reading and singing will alternate during the two hours of the event.

I hope to see a huge happy crowd listening to these gifted Ladies. I personally look forward

So long


P.S. Since Faeria is a fantasy themed region, between that first meeting and the reading, that took place a few hours later, I went looking for fantasy clothes. Again I started using the search tool and, being an avid reader of George RR Martin, I choose a shop called Pretty Magic in a region intriguingly called Winterfell. I visited the shop and I stepped out of it discovering the SL Winterfell, where my home has been ever since.

21st of July 2007 … a truly remarkable day in my SL experience :)


Anonymous said...

That day also marked the beginning of a most wonderful experience for myself, though I did not know it... do you remember giving me a glass of wine while you read my book of short stories on the Palace sidewalk the next evening? :)

Anonymous said...

You have been so blessed to have had such a beautiful year in SL®. Count yourself very lucky; it does not always turn out that way for people. I think your sincere and caring personality has gone a long way toward cementing some very meaningful friendships. Your friends are truly lucky to have you in their lives.

AuroraSkye said...

Hey Wild -- How do you get that neat thing that posts the newest posts from various peoples' blogs? (on the right side of your blog page)? That seems like a neato thing! :-)

Wildstar Beaumont said...

@ Aurora

it is the new Blog List gadget. It should be the first you get when you press add gadget link in the layout page