Saturday, May 23, 2009

The tour of Gaeta V

After a few weeks I was in the mood for the next stage of my Grand Tour of the SL continents.

During my last stage I had crossed into Gaeta coming from Corsica. This time I toured around Gaeta and I came back to the canal connecting the two continents.

It was an easy trip and it too around two hours of quiet sailing. Corsica has been designed with sailing friendly criteria and there are a couple of sims of protected water all around, so it is quite easy to cruise and enjoy the view.

Around the Gaeta Continent

Along the northern side of the continent I cought some strong race wind set to come from the East so I had keep beating to be able to sail upwind. The room available made it easy to do it, even if it took longer and I had to loose sight of the coast often. But I guess that it is fair not to be able to choose one's own wind :)

Around the Gaeta Continent

The only problem was in the sim of Sorbet, in the SE corner of the continent, where in fact there was just a narrow stip of protected water and it was rather difficult to pass. But nothing major like in some other places of mainland full of banlines.

Overall it was a very pleasant cruise and I was able to enjoy some nice views.

Around the Gaeta Continent

Around the Gaeta Continent

Around the Gaeta Continent

When the time is up usually the problem is to be able to find a spot where it will be possible to rezz the boat to start the next stage. I was rather lucky to find it just the end of the Corsica/Gaeta Canal in the sim of Gumtree. I moored the Star of Faeria there and from there I will start for the next stage, ready to cross back into Corsica.

Around the Gaeta Continent

The target for the next stage is to saili the northern coast of Corsica to the nice water sim of Borgenite, where Princess and Alphonsus used to have a home.
Before that, just on the other side of the canal there will be region of Star Bay. From the map it looks pretty interesting with all those boats docked there !

I'll let you know

Cheers !


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Gabrielle Riel said...

You've initiated an excellent stage of exploration Captain! If you would ever like a passenger, please let me know. I love to sail (as a passenger) in SL, and it relaxes me...which is a good thing!