Thursday, March 26, 2009


is a social media targeted to interconnect the users of many virtual worls, like World of Warcraft, IMVU, Second Life, Opensim Grids, etc. It is possible to share images, videos, storyboards, cross post them to other services like flickr, and manage from one site all the different worlds a user dwells in.

Koinup is an Italian based service and yesterday there were an exhibitor at SMAU, the most important Italian technological fair, that these days is having a session in my own hometown.

It was a great opportunity for my first Real Word/Virtual World mixup and so I went to visit the guys. Pierluigi and Edoardo, the founders, are great guys who welcomed me warmly and we chatted for over an hour about several subjects related to their technology and the virtual worlds.

They have been recently very busy releasing the new "groups" feature of their site and told me that new surprises are coming soon.

I invite everyboy to visit koinup. They do deserve the attention. And it would be also a great opportunity to participate to the currently running contest about the Twelfth Night performance taking place at the SL Globe Theater . So far almost all the pictures in the contest are mine, so you can easily do better ! :)

My account on koinup is Baldr (the name of one of my alts). Came to visit me there too.

Have a great time


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