Thursday, August 11, 2011

the Wild Fleet after the Battle

Battle for the Isle of Skye

The Battle for the Isle of Skye left the Wild Fleet in quite a depleted state.

The battleship squadron, that made the bulk of the task force is almost completely out of service: while both the Star of Summer and the Ghost Star, even with different levels of damage, will be eventually back on duty, the Star of Winter will require months of drydock to be again fully operational, and it is not yet sure she will ever be.

Only the Star of Christmas, among the big ships, not being in Winterfell that day, is currently available. She was quickly recalled from her away duties and she is now stationed in Eventide, near the new dock. Even so the squadron is down to just two ships, and only the Star of Christmas is a capital ship, being the other the Starburts, an escort vessel that, even if not incapacitated, took its own damages during the battle.

The High Seas squadron has taken its beating too. The Battle Star, from which I directed the operations is completely dismasted, after ramming into the Vulgarian flagship during the final assault, and the Discovery Star is still missing after being wiped away by an enemy broadside. Despite rescue missions in Harbour, Libris and Undertow we have been unable to identify the position of any wreck, so her fate, as well as Baldr's, who was commanding the ship, is still unknown.

With these losses the first division of the squadron is all but operational, and will be so for some time.

Division 2 and Division 3 were not deployed, not being in Winterfell at the time of the battle, but with the Hunting Star supporting the operations of the special ops squadron near Bay City, only the Sailing Star is left to operate in home waters.

Division 3 was left untouched but with just a sloop and a schooner it is the division with the lightest firepower.

It is therefore necessary to accelerate the commissioning of new ships, both for present and future needs, since the battle has demonstrated that a major engagement can easily push the fleet to its limits.

Three the new ships have been ordered, whose name will be: Shining Star, Twilight Star and Grand Star. The last one will be a capital ship in the same firepower class of the Battle Star, in order to provide an alternative should the flagship of the High Seas squadron be incapacitated.

The new ships will be presented soon

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