Thursday, February 17, 2011

there is Life in the Opensims

I had not visited the Openlife grid in quite a while, despite being the first Opensim grid I visited. I have spent some time on OSGrid and explored InWorldz lately but I had almost forgoten Openlife.

Last Saturday I suddenly wondered what was going on there, so I logged in after quite a while. I smiled looking at my rather naive avie dressed in my own blue uniform (that, by the way, I had created for other grids)

I rezzed in a kind of welcome area that I did not remember, but almost immediately, looking at the map, noticed a nearby sim win a lot of green dots. Curious, I TP there, and I suddenly found myself in the middle of a party.

Al Hoffman, a popular SL performer, was singing there and there was quite a crowd attending. It was part of a series of events called Virtually Live, that is taking place there every week. If you look at their site you can see more photos of the event, including one of yours truly.

It was quite nice being there, and I was delighted to find such an activity there. Many of the presents friended me and it was a quite nice hour.

Here are some more images:

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