Saturday, February 20, 2010

Circumnavigating the Realms

Sailing around the Landmasses of Winterfell and Caledon has always been a favourite activity of mine, since my very first days in SL.

Circumnavigating Winterfell and Caledon

I had not done it recently, so yesterday I decided to have a look around. I left the fleet home port of Eventide aboard the North Star (used to have a different name but I decided to reserve the old one for another boat being built these days) and I moved south. I sailed through Illyria and Libris, reached Absinthe and crossed the Nepenthe Gate heading into Caledon.

Circumnavigating Winterfell and Caledon

I followed a classical route, west of Cape Wrath and Brigadoon and then into Morgaine to cross into the firth. From there I continued West and South until I reached Oxbridge. From there I headed to New Brunswick, where I stopped for the night.

Circumnavigating Winterfell and Caledon

The following morning I completed the trip following the external eastern border of Caledon, and I turned back north, until I crossed back into Winterfell and through Anodyne and Sanctuary I was back at Eventide.

One can experience some interesting meetings while travelling, in Caledon, like Nessie, cought in this image :)

Circumnavigating Winterfell and Caledon

I must say that not all the areas of Caledon are very much sailing friendly. maybe the Guvnah should be petitioned to do something about it.

Anyway .. the trip was fun as usual and it is surely worth to be repeated over and over again !

Fair Winds !


Circumnavigating Winterfell and Caledon

Circumnavigating Winterfell and Caledon

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Cathy said...

was lovely to see you sail by Southend. Was one of my last days there, though I didnt know at the time! Maybe one day you can come sail round Victoriana