Thursday, October 1, 2009

Undercover Ops

 Shooting Star

Undercover Ops are nasty business but sometimes they are necessary, to drop an intelligence operative on hostile territory, for instance. Or to go through dangerous waters where showing the flag might cause an open conflict.

The Wild Fleet is too is sometimes involved in undercover ops and the ships of the Third Squadron, fast and deadly, are usually involved in these operations.

(Yes, I know ... I never mentioned the Fleet being divided into squadrons. That is for another post ;) )

Shooting Star

The Shooting Star, a TSS Shebec, is the newest addition to the fleet, and it is part of the Third Squadron. She is a beautiful ship, very fast and maneuverable and very fun to take even into the most dangerous waters.

Shooting Star

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Camilla said...

Nice photos - Love the Shooting Star! Good luck with your special ops missions!