Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have just realized that I haven't blogged in quite a long time. SL has been laggy enough to frustrate all my attempts of sailing, so, my next stage in my mainland exploration (from Corsica to Gaeta) is still on hold. I have spent some time trying to grasp the secrets of physical vehicles but so far the objects I have scripted do not work yet the way they are supposed to, so I guess I need some more time there. I have also worked a bit on my test blog, experimenting with alternate templates. I think I will move to a three-columns template soon.

I think that the most significant event in the past days has taken place outside SL, in one of the Opensim grids: OSGrid. I have spent some time in other grids in the past, exploring there. I have spent quite some time in Openlife, even if I have not been able to log in lately because of some issue with the version of the viewer I am using (I have downloaded the latest but it still does not like it). I had been in OSGrid a few times, but not quite as much as in Openlife. It looked even less developed to me at that time, but I confess I did not put much effort in a good exploration.

Capt. Beaumont exploring the shores of the OSGrid

Following Mykyl's opening of a Booksmythe extension in that world, I decided to go back there and have a look. I was quite surprised by the level of development. The Booksmythe is in Quirm, a little victorian village, wonderfully built and with great ambitions for its future.

Quirm, a Victorian Village in the OSGrid

The buildings have been created with great skills and original textures and the overall feeling of the place is great !

Quirm, a Victorian Village in the OSGrid

The area is built around a nice lagoon and I think I need to find a boat there soon. And if I do not find one I will have to build it ! (see the scripting exercises mentioned above) :D I wonder if there is wind in OSGrid ;)

After this first exploration I was invited by Morris Vig to visit the sim of Teravus Plaza, where he has a home.

Teravus Plaza, OSGrid

I went there and I was as impressed. Another nice village with classy buildings in a beautiful landscape.

Teravus Plaza, OSGrid

I like that the Hippo Viewer , used to access OSgrid, has the Torley's windlight settings installed by default. There are so many more options for great settings and atmospheres, like the one I used for these shots.

Teravus Plaza, OSGrid

I need to explore more. These worlds are a bit lonely at times, because you rarely meet people there, but when you do, thay usually are so involved in what they are building that their enthusiasm warms the heart.

I'll keep you informed. Take care :)



Princess Ivory said...

Nice tour of the OSGrid! I have had an avatar there since last summer, but have had trouble finding a purpose to be there. It seems to be finally coming along. I will have to spend some more time there exploring, and find myself someplace to build a home!

AuroraSkye said...

Beautiful photos, Wild! I would like to come over there too but when I read of all the things you have to do/upload etc ... it just seems to be WAY beyond me. :-( I feel like people are leaving me behind at SL - so that makes me sad --

Oh well...

Wildstar said...

what a silly idea, Aurora
We are not leaving. Just exploring and expanding the boundaries of the experience

And in the improbable case we'd leave we would take you with us !