Monday, March 2, 2009

SLSC's Twelfth's Night

The Second Life Shakepeare Company premiered yesterday the open ended run of its Twelfth's Night - Act I production at the SL Globe Theater.

SLSC's 12th Night

I went there to attend the performance and it was a great experience. Despite some problem due to lag (about 85k avies were online at that moment - it was quite a bold move to schedule a premiere on a crowded Sunday ) it was a great experience and the people involved in the production - Ina Centaur in primis - did an outstanding job.

SLSC's 12th Night
SLSC's 12th Night

I Greatly enjoyed the play, and, from a few words I exchanged with other people present there, many others enjoyed it very much.

I invited all interested to invest an hour there and be part of this great experience.
Preformances are on Sundays at 1pm SLT and Tesdays at 6pm SLT.

Have fun ! :)


SLSC's 12th Night

SLSC's 12th Night

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AuroraSkye said...

Oooooo, again, great photos -- and that really DOES look like it would have been fun! (and a great sim to explore!!!)

Thanks for posting these!