Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Nothing really interesting to say today, but I think I have some nice images to show, so let's get started :)

the Battlestar in the Blake Sea

A couple of days ago I took the Battlestar (my SPD frigate) to a cruise in the and around Blake SeaNautilus. As usual I can't resist the temptation to take some picture of this wonderful and very elegant ship, and among those I have taken I particularly like the one taken in moonlight :)

the Battlestar in Moonlight

Sailing is always a great fun and I love when the other boats get closer to get a look at the Battlestar :)

The same day I also took the Battlestar in Caledon waters. I had some doubt to be able to complete a long trip with a tall ship, because some passages in Caledon are very narrow. Instead I was able to sail all the way from Oxbridge to Winterfell even being able go sail through the straits in Morgaine.

the Battlestar in Caledon

And since I have mentioned it, I break the chronological order (I took this just a couple of hours ago) to show a great view of Oxbridge, a place that never cease to amaze me.


And of course, speaking of things that never cease to amaze me, no praise will ever be too high for the guys of the SL Shakespeare Company and their performance of the Twelfth Night - Act 1. Yesterday I have been to the SL Globe Theater for the third time to attend the play and this time I invited Aianna, Mykyl and Princess to come with me. I hope they enjoyed this fantastic show as much as I did, despite a couple of annoying griefers (maybe even too silly to be defined griefers) who had to be muted.

12th Night - Feste

The more I attend the show the more I appreciate the level of the details. Yesterday I concentrated on the animations and gestures that are truly amazing . What a great job they have done!

12th Night - Viola

12th Night - Cesario

Before the Shakespeare performance I went to another of my SL favorites. A performance of the Backintimes. I love the feeling of the Dakota Playhouse (in the Phoenix Pass sim) where this couple of reenactors entertain the public with songs and stories of the US Civil War Period. Yesterday's show was Abraham Lincoln's Favorite Songs.

the Backintimes performing in the Dakota Playhouse

the Backintimes performing in the Dakota Playhouse

Yesterday I was also in the mood for some fleet action, so I took the Wild Fleet in the Bay of Mishra and I indulged myself in taking some pictures. I do like them. What do you think?

the Wild Fleet in the Bay of Mishra

the Wild Fleet in the Bay of Mishra

I like the glossy look of the water, even if I can't afford to keep the ultra setting for too long. So, this morning I went in the SW corner of Winterfell, the cursed plot Miss Serra calls it :) , and I took some nice images of the recently redesigned plot and of Laudanum from that corner. The Fluffy Big Clouds setting is one of my favorites and I like the way these images turned out.

the Winterfell Southern Coast

the Winterfell Southern Coast

Well .. this is all. Until the next time :)

Take care


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ABSOLUTELY wonderful pics, Wild!!!! SOoooooo Beautiful!!!