Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Princess Ivory reading Dr. Seuss

In the recent months Princess Ivory has rapidly built a career as a reader in SL. When voice became mainstream in SL Princess was among those who most strongly opposed it, in part for reasons she detailed in her own blog, in part because she is naturally very shy.

In a bold move, however, Princess started to speak at the end of the year, and nobody has been able to silence her again so far! :)

Princess has entertained us with a number of different readings starting with Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales during the Holidays season, until these days when she is celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday dedicating the entire month of March to his work.

Princess Ivory reading Dr. Seuss

Princess has a wonderful voice for reading and listening to her is an experience that any person fond of storytelling should should have.

Princess reads at the MilkWood Stone Circle every Wednesday at 1 pm SLT. Podcasts of her readings are available at this page.

Come and enjoy ! :)


Princess Ivory reading Dr. Seuss

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Anonymous said...

She really is a great reader - a very talented interpreter of the written word.