Tuesday, March 3, 2009

more OSGrid explorations

Just a quick update about the latest OSGrid explorations

Last Sunday I made the first friends there and I visited the sims they created. They were running the sim in their own home PC but the performances were not bad. Better that in SL in a typical laggy weekend actually.

This is an image of Bearpaw Island, a sim belonging to Marcus Llewellyn, beautifully designed.

OSGrid : BearPaw Island

Yesterday I started to identify the first sailships. This is a nicely designed schooner docked in the SeaPrior Plaza Sim.

a schooner in OSGrid

The place is becoming interesting :)



AuroraSkye said...

Beautiful images as usual - I LOVE your photography, Wild. That is neat that you are meeting more people on that other grid but I am still scared that now you and others will stay over there and no longer come onto SL. :-( I will miss you all.


Wildstar said...

Aurora, you do not have to worry
I like to explore and new grids offer more and more, but my home is in Winterfell and my friends are in SL :)

Moreover, the technology evolves, and one day all the gris will be connected together :)

Anonymous said...

My home is in SL too - but it was really neat to find so many new friends last weekend - I went to work on my bookshop there and suddenly found 6 people in my shop - that has never happened in SL, and was rather neat. :)

snortqueek said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment on my region! :) I hope you come back to visit sometime.