Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the airbase grows

the Airbase grows

I have not told about my airbase, 2000m above Winterfell Ebonshire, in a while. It is growing slowly but nicely. It has now a shape that I like, a bit of disordered look, but it is the effect I wanted to achieve.

I have a number of landing platform for smaller flying objects and a couple for big airships. And of course there is the runway for the planes.

In a couple of weeks I plan to have 2-3 automated shuttles connecting the ship to Star Port, the castle (still under construction), 1000m higher, and maybe other places in the sky above winterfell.

I am also working to two airships: one smaller to be used as a shuttle together with the steamcopter, and a big one (it can be seen in the lower portion of the picture) for longer explorations.

I may organize a grand opening with a maiden trip of the shuttle in a few weeks :)

stay tuned :)



AuroraSkye said...

Oh that looks great, Wild! And that would be fun to explore and ride the shuttle up etc.


Aether Inglewood said...

Wow! Looks fantastic. You should come visit us at Miss Corleone's sky dock in Mayfair, Caledon.

Small but cozy, we can be found at 300M or so. Looking forward to your visit.

Wildstar said...

Thank you Miss Inglewood ... I did visit and I loved the place. Expecially that fantastic elevator ! :) I must learn to build one! :)


/me waves at Aurora ;)

Aether Inglewood said...

I just happened to be in your neck of the woods yesterday and found myself at 2000m. The only thing I can say is....Beautiful.

Well done Sir!