Saturday, February 7, 2009

Explorations in Northern Nautilus

In the last days I have been exploring the northern shores of the Nautilus continent looking for a way to reach the narrow canal in the NW part of the continent that connects it to Corsica.

As usual sailing in mainland is a challenging experience being many waterways obstructed by banlines, security orbs or simply prims assembled directly on the waterways.

Even more challenging was the fact that I decided to use the Little Star, which relies only on the wind and can't use an auxiliary engine in difficult situations. 

Sailing in Northern Nautilus

I left from the NE point of Nautilus City, just next to the Blake Sea, and I sailed along the eastern border of the continent. I checked the map before starting the trip and there was no way to find a successful western route. It is really as pity because just a few sea sim along the western coast of nautilus would make it possible.

The red line on the map shows where I have got. It took a few stages - I had to learn how to go around a few blockages - but I got far enough. The canal connecting Nautilus to Corsica is not too far away. Unfortunately I read a few reports that there are problems before reaching the canal, so I have not made it yet.

The original plan was to reach the Majipoor Yacht Club, but looking closely at the map I have relized that there is a new canal connecting Corsica to Gatea. The plans of connecting all the mainland continents, siggested here and there in some blogs, look under way. Eventually it will be possible to reach even the beach of Mishra. Wouldn't be that great ? :)

Sailing in Northern Nautilus

Fair Winds


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