Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well ... I made it.
After some struggle, a few setbacks and a couple of changes of route I docked at last on the southern shores of the Corsica Continent.

The trip had started a few days ago in Nautilus City and it has followed the route showed in red in the map. I found a few problems, like the waterways obstructed with prims, beside the usual banlines, but I was always able to find an alternate route.

Sometimes I had the feeling that some people do not like sailing, and take actions against it, like in the sim of Hunnicutt (the yellow circle in the map) where I spent some times wondering why the boat was not advancing until I realized the the open water was not really such as invisible prims were obstructing it

My Flying Fizz, the Little Star, performed greatly during the trip and I became much more experienced in controlling this great little boat, which is fantastic in open water, but, being so fast, can't be controlled as easily in narrow passages.

A couple of sim crossing were tricky, because I had go diagonally from one sim to the other, with emptiness on one side and no room on the other. I barely made it but I made it.

I went through really lovely areas on my way. Sometimes one can find places in mainland that have little to envy to the most famous estates.

between Nautilus and Corsica

It was great to be able to realize that I was clear of Nautilus and any potential further obstruction and realize that Corsica was just ahead of me.

between Nautilus and Corsica

Well, I am in Corsica now. With the next stage I plan to reach the Majipoor Yacht Club which is in the SE part of the sim. I'd also like to repeat the trip with a larger boat, like the Morning Star (a Trudeau Tradewind) or the Battlestar (a SPD Frigate).
Stay tuned :)

between Nautilus and Corsica

Fair Winds



Anonymous said...

Such an adventure! You have made me want to walk another continent - perhaps take the route you just sailed but try it on land, then swim in mermaid form between the continents.... hmmmm....

AuroraSkye said...

Oh what wonderful photos -- and what a marvelous trip!! That is so strange that that one area has transparent prims blocking sailing!!! I wonder why??? I would think that sailing boats going by would only add to the beauty of their land! Very strange!

Keep up your wonderful adventures and those exceptional photos!!!