Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in memoriam

It is one year already.
the 10th of February of 2008, the day of her 20th birthday, our dearest Jewel left us.

In the garden

Pixie dust and faerie wings sparkle in the garden.
Mushroom clumps and toadstool rings
Surround us in perpetual spring,
And I can hear the windchimes sing,
As I float here in the garden.

Flying in the glittering night, there's magic in the garden.
A lover's embrace to hold you tight,
Strengthening your second sight,
A mother's voice, filled with light,
All live here in the garden.

The trees are swaying in the day, there's life here in the garden.
How long they'll be here, who can say,
Perhaps they'll vanish, perhaps they'll stay,
But life continues anyway,
To bless the faeries garden.

JewelFire Ember - Feb 2008

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