Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Events

this Saturday was packed with events, expecially because of the Grand Tour that is continuing today.

I could not attend everything, of course, especially because the saturday for the friends of Faeria is based on PHC. Yesterday's edition was a Valentine's Day edition and it was great fun. It was my turn to host the meeting and, at first, I had thought to host it at my home in Aurora Town, but then I thought to build someting special, given the event, and I prepared a heart shaped platform.

Valentine's Edition of PHC

I think it looked nice enought and I hope my friends enjoyed the environment and the event.

Valentine's Edition of PHC

A few hours before PHC I was at Tinyville in Caledon Tanglewood for the second reading of the Wind in the Willows. The readings will cover all of 2009 with a monthly appointment for each chapter, in close cooperation with that wonderful institutuion that is Radio Riel. This time the event was also part of the grand tour and of the Valentine's Days festivities. So, after the reading, the tinies could have fun at the ValenTiny Day Ball.

ValenTiny Day's Ball at Tinyville, Caledon Tanglewood

The reading itself started late because it was spoiled by a griefer who started rezzing physical objects that filled the sim and eventually crashed it a couple of times. Despite some grumbling the spirit of the people present did not diminish and in a few minutes everybody was back and enjoying the time there

ValenTiny Day's Ball at Tinyville, Caledon Tanglewood

Today is another full day. I must start planning for tonight. So, for the moment, I wish everybody a happy Sunday. :)



Princess Ivory said...

Your friends loved your heart-shaped sky platform. It was beautifully designed and textured. It was a very nice PHC night!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir - that was indeed a lovely place for a Valentines PHC :)

AuroraSkye said...

What a beautiful platform!!!! I would love to see it in person -- has it been taken down now that Valentines Day is over? It sure looks PRETTY in the pictures!

In fact, over at your picture section =-= you have a comment from Torley Linden! Congrats! :-)

Wildstar said...

I am sorry, Aurora. I took it down the day after. It was using more that 300 prims with the decorations and I was running short

AuroraSkye said...

Oh well -- sorry I missed it but maybe I can see it briefly sometime. :-) It sure looks lovely in the pics!