Saturday, April 7, 2012

Five !

It was a Saturday of 2007 ... it was the day before Easter and it was the 7th of April. The buzz about this virtual world called Second Life was at its peak. I had been curious but I was lacking a compelling event to push me to login. Then, the day before, I listened to a radio show, and they were telling about this Book Fair being organized in Second Life at a place called Book Island. It was the motivation I needed. The day after, a lazy Saturday, I created the account. I was stuck for quite a while choosing the name. Choosing Beaumont as last name among the available ones was quite simple. I liked it immediately. The first name was a little more complicated. Then, since I was creating an avatar, I remembered an old tv series, the Star Blazers (western version of the Japanese Space Battleship Yamato) . The connection occurred to me because the old Captain there was called Captain Avatar. And the main character of the series was Derek Wildstar. 
"Hmm ... Wildstar ... it sounds good ..."

And Wildstar Beaumont was born. :-)

The rest is history !

YAY !!! I survived half a decade in SL !!!! 

5th RezzdayWildstar's

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Aurora Town said...

Happy 5th Rezzday Wildstar! :)