Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant: Inish Karu of Oran

A green haired pirate : is that fantasy enough?

It surely is when Inish Karu, the owner of Oran, is involved. Inish is not alien to fantasy themes. After all she started in 2007 as a green haired elven mer sword fighter: Now ships and flintlocks have been added to that and piracy has become her first nature.
You may remember last year’s Faire when you were visiting the sims in a relaxed mood and suddenly you jumped when an otherwise silent tree trunk started to greet you. That was Inish’ doing. 

“Second Life be an incredible adventure  fer me  life. It be a privilege an’ an honour to be part o’ it on this sceptered isle. Being this person—Inish Karu—well, it be teachin’ me many things. I be havin’ so many wonderful memories and so many good mates!", Inish tells us.

Relay for life is something Inish throws herself into every year, in whatever way she can.  Inish and I are in the same RFL team, so I know how much this lady has done and is still doing for Relay for Life.

Inish' shop is Oran, but this year Inish' presence at the faire is less about the shop and more about the Ocean Realms sims, her home, wanting to open the doors to those who may be looking for something a bit different from their usual second life 
Inish has have free clothes and information about the sims where you can be pirate, mer, lady, gent or navy.

Everything in the shop at the Faire is in RFL vendors, so the 100% of her sales at the faire will go to RFL. The items in the vendors are quite nice and they include  a 10L$ lucky dip, where you can find items to complement her lovely pirate bar.

Other items include a corner writing desk (made by Betty Radmussen), a reading chair with poses, and a washtub and washboard animated with soap giver

Inish' shop is in the Devils Locket sim, at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devils%20Locket/128/128/23

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