Monday, April 30, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant : Lerochelle Destiny of De La Soul

De La Soul offers a wide range of fantasy themed products, ranging from clothing to skins. In particular the Ikon skins are made solely for the Fantasy Faire and will be available through to the end of the run in June at the main store and a few select outlets. All the Ikon skins at the Faire are in RFL vendor, so that all the earnings go to RFL.

Lerochelle Destiny, the owner of the brand tells me something about his creative story in SL: "I originally started creating skins and accessories in IMVU, then discovered Secondlife and started playing. At first, just manipulating a prim and it grew from a really crappy looking spiral chair to everything in De La Soul."

Lerochelle gets his inspiration from a wide variety of sources "It could be anything really, from music to a piece of artwork, but usually it is a pattern I find lodged somewhere in my computer, long forgotten." 
In particular, for what concerns the new line of skins he says  "The Ikon skins were a happy accident of applying the "wrong" filter in the right way when I sneezed. The happy accidents are the best ones I think because you end up with unexpected results."

Other items presented at the Fantasy faire are the Aurora Borealis Felidae Elvens, Violent Deamon, and Lerochelle's  first RFL creation, the RFL Kitty avatars.

In the image below, you can see yours truly , modeling one of the Ikon skins.

You can find De La Soul in the Shifting Sands sim at

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