Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant : Azriel Demain of FallnAngel Creations

FallenAngel Creations is a fascinating shop that is very true to its name giving a clear feeling of dark fantasy as soon as one looks at the vendors.

"Aesthetics of a darker nature have always been appealing to me, but on Second Life and in Real Life. I embrace the beauty in the macabre, and that shows in my art and my expression of self." tells me Azriel Demain (or Grell Sutcliff, as her current display name says).

Azriel joined SL in July of 2006, and she got involved pretty soon. Being unhappy about not being able to find the sort of outfits she wanted to wear, a week after joining she began creating! She made her first outfit, and FallnAngel Creations was born!

Both her outfits and her own shop display her taste, dark for sure, but always showing good taste and elegance.

At the Faire FallenAngel Creations presents a six exclusive creations created for this occasion and available in RFL Vendors

You can see me in the image above, modelling the one called FallnOwlOutfitFFExclusive.
The others are FallnOwlGownFFExclusive (the female version), FallnAzlynSilksFFExclusive,
FallnSanakaDressFFExclusiveFallnMianoaRobesFireFFExclusive and FallnMianoaRobesIceFFExclusive

You can find FallenAngel Creatins at the Fantasy Faire in the Nu Orne sim, at

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