Monday, April 23, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant: Druscilla Ferraris of Druscilla's Whim

The official 2012 RFL Fantasy Ferret. That’s how Druscilla Ferraris of Druscilla's Whim describes herself. And she surely is, since no other tiny ferret has been spotted at the Fantasy Faire so far.

Yes, because Miss Druscilla of Druscilla’s Whim is a tiny, a cute tiny ferret, and her shop, that she shares with fellow tinies Clover Dezno of Totally Tinies and Xavian Starsider of Stuff Xavian Made can be considered a tiny embassy at the Faire.

Miss Druscilla is not a newbie to the Faire. Last year her shop was the center of many activities, and there was even a little incident that caused her to end up in jail . But she paid her debt and she’s here again with a great lineup of exciting products in her vendors or offered as auction items, such as large and small (for tinies and biggies alike) windchimes and a lovely musketeer costume, that you can see here, modelled by my tiny self.

Miss Dru is also specialized in snacks and you can easily identify several vending machines when you visit her shop.

Beside Miss Dru’s own objects her fellow tiny partners in the shop also present an interesting selection of items. Clover Denzo of Totally Tinies has RFL vendor with Summer Plaid for both boys and girls and a Stormy Day outfit.

The product offered by Xavian Starsider of Stuff Xavian Made are steel drum, both in tiny and biggie size.

Miss Druscilla and friends' shop at the Faire is located in the Jungle Bungle sim at 

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