Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fantasy Faire Featured Merchant: Elicio Ember of Cerridwen's Cauldron

What can we say of Elicio ? Among a group of extraordinary creators exhibiting at the Fantasy Faire 2012, Elicio is special, because he’s not just an exhibitor. He designed two of the sims - of this year’s Faire : The Lost City of Nu Orne and Siren's Secret.

Elicio is an artist. No doubt about that. And he is a gamer, and he is also an elf, a legacy he carries from his days before Second Life, when he was playing World of Warcraft. Being an elf means much to him, not just choosing a race to play in a game, but making a choice of being someone in sync with nature. Sometimes even his friends in RL call him "Master Elf".

When Elicio, a painter in RL, discovered SL, he immediately realized the creativity potential of the platform. He spent more than a year learning to build, sculpt and script with the objective to create landscapes, "paintings" people could walk into and interact with.

Elicio’s work can be seen at his shop, Cerridwen's Cauldron, both at the Fantasy Faire and at his main site, a stunning building suspended in the sky that make one think of a shining jewel.
The name of the shop is inspired by Welsh Mythology. Cerridwen is a sorceress goddess of poetry and magic. Her Cauldron was the Cauldron of Poetic Inspiration. Through this Cauldron Cerridwen’s apprentice, Gwion, accidentally acquired the gift of Wisdom and Poetic Inspiration. Gwion was later known as Taliensin, the legendary bard. 

Elicio decided to name his venue after the cauldron as an homage to ancient lore and legends. Cerridwen's Cauldron specializes in fantasy flora, much of which is scripted and interactive. This flora is sometimes so alien looking it can easily fit into either a Fantasy or Sci-Fi setting. Elicio also enjoy designing fantasy architecture. If you visit his main shop floating in sky or visit the land at ground level you get much of the feelings you experience in The Lost City of Nu Orne and in Siren's Secret.

Elicio designed both the landscape and the buildings of the two sims he made for the Faire. The buildings are not yet retail ready, though they will be as soon as some necessary modifications are done. He also made several plant and landscaping sets, such as the Cliff-Cracker Fig, a tree designed for walls and edges, and the Hydra Anemone which has entrancing animated tentacles. Specifically in RFL vendors Elicio made the Bull Kelp set, inspired in RL Bull-Kelp, used for the Siren's Secret and the Eerie Beat Jelly.

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