Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fantasy Faire Featured Shops : TrE uNiQuE

In the sim of Enchanted Mysts, there is a little nice shop arranged on two floors

From Fantasy Faire 2011

The shop has the quite peculiar name of TrE uNiQuE, and it is belongs to Tremayne Barbosa with whom I had quite a nice chat a few days ago

The shop is characterized by a number of nice fantasy and elven artifacts, very colorful and light in look and spirit. Tremayne told me that fantasy for him is about light and colors: fairies, elves .. they all are associated in some way with light.

In the shop one can find cottages, bridges, statues, flowers, jewels, trees, and a very nice collection of elemental altars

From Fantasy Faire 2011

On the first floor one can find the collection of shapes.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Tremayne told me that he was not satisfied with the shapes that he saw around him in SL, and decided to make his own line, giving them a softer and less edgy look. They have indeed a quite nice and original look.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

You can find TrE uNiQuE at this slurl
(careful that the fantasy faire forces the TP landing points)

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