Monday, April 4, 2011

Fantasy Faire Featured Shop : Arx Loricatus

Arx Loricatus ! A shop no naval captain should miss ! Your one stop shop for every weapon you might need aboard your ship.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Guns, long firearms, short firearms, an impressive collection of swords: you name your need and you can find it at Arx Loricatus.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

The shop belongs to Mr. Dogma Trevillon, and has its main store in the beautiful Antiquity sims

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Among the object offered in RFL vendors one can find swords, pistols and guns.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Last but not least, there is a big 24' carronade, worth a ship of the line. Here is yours truly, testing the big gun aboard the Star of Summer.

You can find Arx Loricatus in the Nemo Revisited sim at

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Breezy Carver said...

Wonderful Sir :) just beautiful captures !