Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fantasy Faire Featured Shops : the Golden Oriole

Strolling among the shops of Nemo Revisited, at the Fantasy Faire, one cannot miss the Golden Oriole - Antiques and Curiosities.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

The shop by Mr. Oriolus Oliva presents a wide variety of Steampunk merchandising and peculiar building.

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Mr. Oliva graciously chatted with me for a while and told me about what's behind his creations and what inspires him. He told me that even though his exhibit at the fair has a steampunk flavor, because of the theme of the sim, "I am not really a steampunk creator. I am European from Hungary. My builds are following (from not too close) the past styles of my county's architecture"

From Fantasy Faire 2011

He continued : "every age before the electricity has the fingerprint on my builds and creations - but I never copy any real structure or style. I always follow my own way and build my own world"

Mr. Oliva also creates droids, mechanical toys and medieval objects. His sim, the more than stunning Verdigris, is an amazing blend of ages and styles. "Every real city has a long past - and I made one for my own sim, Verdigris as well. :) I tried to simulate the timeline of a living town - with old, medieval bases, ruined walls - and a new age's traces with it's additions and changes on them"

From the golden oriole - Verdigris

In the vendors at the fair, Mr. Oliva present a wide array of objects, including a lamp, a clock, an armillary sphere and a beautiful mansion

From Fantasy Faire 2011

You can find the shop at

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