Thursday, April 7, 2011

4 years in Second Life

Today is my Fourth Rezzday :

Wildstar as a Noob at Book Island

About 1 year old, at the 2008 RFL Clothing Fair - this has been my portrait pic for several months

Around the time of my Second Rezzday, on the deck of the Star of Christmas. My official icon on the many sites where I have an account for more than one year

At 3, at Star Port, trying Ralph Moncalm's costume

today, at the Fantasy Faire


Stereo Nacht said...

Ooooh! Grand uniform! *swoons* :-D Happy Rez Day again, Captain!

Breezy Carver said...

Happy Rez Day Happy Rez Day !!
and what a dashing Captain YOU are Sir !!
Yay and many happy twirls !

Princess Ivory said...

4 Years - Wow! You look dashing :)

Hope you had a wonderful rezz day!