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Fantasy Faire Featured Shop : Trident

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Trident is a featured shop in the Enchanted Mysts sim of the fair. It displays a variety of items: goreans, barbarian, medieval, pagan, ships, plants and trees, jewels ...

From Fantasy Faire 2011

I contacted the owner of Trident, Laufey Markstein and I asked him a few question about what inspires him and his creations in SL

From Fantasy Faire 2011

"My first experience in SL was in the gorean environment. I knew about it before SL, and apart any other features, it's a vibrant, richly described fantasy world that can benefit from data from over 30 books.

That inspired me immediately to learn how to build and create all kinds of "everyday life" related items, from blacksmith sets to farmer tools and fields, ships, houses and all the things you'd expect to see in a gorean small town or village, especially the "Torvaldslander" ones which are very similar to earth Vikings."

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Lofey continues ...

"I am however a medieval reenactor and history enthusiast in RL, and my creativity quickly expanded to encompass everything ancient to medieval, trying more and more to keep a realistic tone in the designs,  while of course conceding to SL mechanics and "roleplay" requirements.

While I've so far created items associated with northern or pagan-barbarian environments, I really like all genres, and it's just a matter of time, and completing my current projects, before I expand more into roman, arabian, or even piratesque themes."

Of course I look forward already to the piratesque themes Lawfey is going to address !

From Fantasy Faire 2011

Among the items offered in the RFL vendors we can find jewels and a variety of viking objecs: a statue, an helm and two shipwrecks.

Here is one of the shipwecks burning after a dangerous crossing of the contested waters around the Blake Sea

You can find Trident at

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