Sunday, July 19, 2009

the RFL weekend

This is the RFL weekend, the climax of what is probably the most important season in the SL year. Starting yesterday at 12STL all the team are running 24 hours of proper relay along a track measuring kilometers across an area of 39 sims.

I share here some pictures I took in the area. I invite all to go and visit and donate. It is something every Secondlifer should be proud of. More and 250,000 USD have been collected already.

I'd like to single out the constructions from the people of New Babbage. They are really impressive with their reproduction of the Universal Expo and their Mars area.

RFL sims_001

RFL sims_002

RFL sims_003

RFL sims_004

RFL sims_005

RFL sims_006

RFL sims_007

RFL sims_008

RFL sims_009

RFL sims_010

RFL sims_011

RFL sims_012

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