Friday, July 24, 2009

Beek Haven is Gone

Today I have been reminded of how temporary things can be in SL. I wanted to check the Speculaas' shop so I tp'ed to Beek Haven. Upon arrival I found myself in a Hobo area. I tried again and it was the same. I searched the map and there was no Beek Haven. Wondering what had happened, I IM'ed Dutch Hoorenbeeck and I asked him what happened. He kindly replied immediately, even if he was not in world, and explained that the region was sold, cleared and moved to a different position on the grid.

This is a sad moment. Beek Haven was one of the major pirate areas in SL, a place where one could have a lot of fun roleplaying and fighting naval battles and it was greatly designed.

I did not spend a lot of time there but when I went it was always great. I had many times considered to get a docking space for one of my tall ships and now I am sorry I never did. Dutch created a lovely region and I took some great pictures there. At Beek Haven I learned to sail ships bigger and more difficult to drive, than the tako and went into my first naval battle.

I am going to miss this wonderful region.


Princess Ivory said...

How sad :(

Wildstar said...

It was also a great mermaid area

Miss Poppy said...

that is very sad... What other pirate resources are there out there? any that match up?

Wildstar said...

I know Jabberwock, which is very nice, even if smaller than Beek Haven used to be, and of course a lot of the southern sims of Antiquity are pirate areas

Dagon Xanith said...

This is FD Spark's in other persona. I am sorry Beek Haven is gone. I am also around but not sure if I will be regular visitor but I appreciate our times together reading your words and I wanted to let you know I am following you just busy with other projects now. Waving to saying hello. Beautiful photos.

Wildstar said...

thank you FD .. happy to hear from you ! :)

Dagon Xanith said...

Hugs Wildstar and those who missed me.

I great kitten when she isn't being pain in the hind end and acting like she needs boxing gloves.

I am not sure when I will be back in Second Life, I am tired of SL but I miss my friends in SL.

I made new video its on youtube called Loneliness by Duo Zikr DX's Alt & SL Art Death of a Avatar

If you search for Dagon Xanith in youtube you see the three video I so far have made working on bigger project for Russian but slow going because I am hand drawing out 124 screens.

Wildstar said...

thank you for the link to the videos, FD. It is nice to be able to see your work.