Monday, July 20, 2009

more images from the RFL sims

the RFL weekend is history and I think it was a great event. I was able to complete a full tour of all the track, despite RL taking most of the time away and I took some other pictures here and there. The lag of the place made it difficult to take good images, without having to wait for a lifetime for each image to rezz appropriately but some of them are still worth (IMHO) to be shared.

RFL sims_035

RFL sims_014

RFL sims_015

RFL sims_016

RFL sims_016

RFL sims_017

RFL sims_019

RFL sims_020

RFL sims_021

RFL sims_022

RFL sims_025

RFL sims_026

RFL sims_028

RFL sims_031

RFL sims_029

RFL sims_033

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