Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing Ralph Montcalm

As I mentioned in a previous post, some weeks ago I applyed for a role in the upcoming SL based comics book, The Quest for the Golden Prim, written and edited by the capable people of Prim Perfect and the Primgraph.

A few days later I was offered a major role, that of Ralph Montcalm, a pilot of the RCAF and a flying ace.

The adventures of Ralph will be discovered in due time on the pages of Prim Perfect, and, between issues, there will be crossovers in Ralph's own blog, and his Twitter and Plurk pages.

See you also there !



Alphonsus said...

That is, like, mind-bogglingly cool! Congratulations!

Lord Lisle said...

Looking forward to read the adventures of you and the rest of the cast! Success!