Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Ships

Actually it is rater silly that I keep buying ships. I am totally out of prims and I cannot even rezz the ones I already have. Star Port , since the disappearing of the facing sims, is almost a dead end. Sometimes I have fun rezzing the ships in the Bay of Mishra where the wonderful Miss Alpha alwaya hosts one or two of them (and used them as a backdrop for wonderful photoshots). And, of course, I can still rezz ships and boats for my explorations and I can cruise the Blake Sea and the Sailing Sims.

the Battlestar in the Blake Sea

But I guess I can't help. I love SL ships. I think they are among the finest accomplishments of SL builders and scripters.

A few days ago, I was attending a meeting. I recentely entered a fine initiative called "The Quest forthe Golden Prim". I will tell more about this in my next posts. It is something big and it is going to ... well ... still too early for that :)

Anyway, I was at a meeting where the applicants were briefed about the initiative, at the main office of Prim Perfect in Caledon Glengarry. As in many meetings where the discussion is typed, there were some moments of silence where nothing was happening, so I started camming around. After a while, while I was exploring the local coast I noticed a nice little schooner docked there. It was really cute and I looked for the creator. It turned out that the owner of the plot there, Chrisocolla Rau, was also the creator and the schooner itself - Excelsior 1.0 - was for sale at a booth nearby. It took and instant and I got it. Must have been the first time I buy a ship this way, while exploring with my camera :)

Anyway ... here is my new "Star of Ebonshire"

the Star of Ebonshire

the Star of Ebonshire

A couple of days after that I stumbled upon a post in the Swash Buccateer , where the great Chase Speculaas was outlining his new fighting system SPDIII. I prefer the exploration and I am not really into hard RP'ing, even if any new technological improvement makes me happy, but I was thrilled by the news of two new ships coming out in July (so be prepared for some new addition to the fleet :) ). Even if I do not partecipate in battles too much I still oove to see beautiful ships and to dsail them.

The post also mentioned a SPD model I had overlooked so far : the Discovery, a replica of an historical ship from the XVII century. I went to Beek Haven, to Chase Speculaas' shop, I had a quick look and another ship was in my inventory :) ... Introducing the Exploring Star.

the "Exploring Star" in the Bay of Mishra

The picture was taken in counterlight at sunset and it is rather dark , but I assure you that she is a fine little beauty.

Fair Winds for now ... Happy 4th of July


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AuroraSkye said...

Hey == Congratulations on the new member of your stunning fleet! :-) That looks like a lovely addition, and, as usual, great photos!

(Smiles and waves)