Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday's events

Sundays are always full of events and I always have a lot of fun jumping from sim to sim.

Cylindrian Rutabaga at the Molaskeys Pub

I started at the Molaskey's Pub , one of the first places I discovered in SL and still one of my favorite ones. The Pub has always event packed Sundays at a time very European friendly and I always try to get there. During these holidays they are having their shows on a beautiful ice rink and yesterday the evening started with the wonderful voice of Cylindrian Rutabaga.

Cylindrian Rutabaga at the Molaskeys Pub

Cylindrian Rutabaga at the Molaskeys Pub

It was a great hour and after a while I tp'ed Aianna to the concert as well.

The evening was supposed to go on with another favorite of the pub and of SL live music, Maximillion Kleene, but SL was not playing fair and logins were disabled (very close to 80k concurrent attendance yesterday) and Maximillion could not get in.

Cylindrian Rutabaga at the Molaskeys Pub

A friend of Aianna's, Jaynine Scarborough, was starting her own show at the same time though, so we TP'ed at a lovely club, the Thousand Rooms Bar, to listen to her.

Jaynine Scarborough in Concert at the Thousand rooms bar

Jaynine is another great voice and her show was great, even if she had been drafted for the show unexpectedly at the last moment and without much time to get ready.

Jaynine Scarborough in Concert at the Thousand rooms bar

I also loved the atmosphere of the club, that I tried to capture, at least partially, in the images.

Jaynine Scarborough in Concert at the Thousand rooms bar

The next event was at Tombstone, a western RP area, where the Backintime were having their first show after the holidays.

Backintime Show

I love the Backintime : Raymond and Annelee Frog are a couple and perform both in RL and SL. If you look at their profiles you can see their avies are identical to their RL selves. They re-enact and performs songs and stories from the XIX century, especially around the US Civil war era.

Backintime Show

At my midnight, 3pm SLT, I was supposed to go to Antiquity for the Concert in the Park there, that has become another of my Sunday habits, but a friend told me that the concert had been cancelled. However a new poetry reading event had its debut yesterday at the Green Fairy in Winterfell Absinthe, so I went there. It was a lovely event that promises to become a cornerstone of Winterfell social life. Eiden Ember and Star Fairymedow have been the souls behind the event and I look forward to the next ones.

I did not take images, but I plan to do it in the next weeks. As I did not take pictures of the last event of the day: Aianna's Bedtime Stories, at the Aurora Town Tiny Village. Aianna was very entertaining as usual. She is reading from Kipling's Jungle Book these weeks and yesterday she read Toomai of the Elephants.
It was a great end of the weekend.

Ask me next Sunday if you feel bored. I am sure I can take you to a show. :))

Have fun



Mykyl said...

SL can be a magic place, and it's neat to see someone like you who is so good at finding it :)

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