Saturday, January 31, 2009

a beautiful music experience

Yesterday was not a good night for sailing. I crashed badly in the USS and SL was rather laggy. As I was giving up I friend invited me to a music event at the beautiful Renaissance Club. The club is located in the Southern Continent, on an island near the Korean Canal, not too far away from Aurora Town.

Lyn and Kia at the Renaissance Club

Kiaranne Flanagan and Lyn Carlberg were performing there and their singing was very beautiful. But what was really surprising - and I did not believe it was possible - was that Kia was in the United States, while Lyn was in the United Kingdom.

They did so by mixing streams (basically the streams are in a chain where each player adds his voice and only the last one is fed to SL) and despite some minor flaws they were really great.

Lyn and Kia at the Renaissance Club

It was a great experience and a lot of fun. Congratulations to Kia and Lyn and thanks to my friend Sazzy who invited me there.



Johnnie Rajal said...

Thanks for sharing this, Wild. Very interesting. I had wondered how multiple-contributor live music could be done...this makes sense.
Very cool.

Wildstar said...

you can find more information here, Johnnie.
(Thanks to Mykyl who inquired)

Anonymous said...

The chaining has been done successfully with up to 6 people too - this presents some really interesting possibilities for live performances in SL.

Anonymous said...

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