Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog template

I changed the template of the blog to a dark backround. I am playing with different free templates on my test blog - even if I haven't found the ideal one yet - and I found that the pictures look much better on the black background. So I decided for a change as long as I do not have the new one online. Don't you find that the images look much batter ? After all mine is mainly a photoblog

I hope my visitors enjoy :)


P.S. What ? Somobody asking if the new style reflects a darker mood? What an idea ! Is there any reason for that ?


Princess Ivory said...

Ummm.... maybe because your labels are: "dark, mood, template?" That might imply something?

Personally, I like the black. It really makes your lovely photos "pop" off the page. And it is mostly a photoblog, you are right. I didn't have any trouble reading the words.

Hope you are well today!


AuroraSkye said...

Whooo Hoooo!! As you know from MY blog-- I prefer the dark backgrounds! :-) For whatever reason, the lighter backgrounds hurt my eyes -- ESP white ones so this change looks great to me!

And, as you wrote, this being a photo blog, they look much better with a black bg.

Very Nice!!