Friday, January 30, 2009

No sailing yesterday

I tried to sail again yesterday. The idea was to reach the sims in the far South of the USS, south of Sailors Cove, but I crashed almost immediately. There is quite a dangerous point, just out of the gate of the Hollywood sim at the intersection of four sims. Intersections are always dangerous and should be avoided but that one is particulrly dangerous. It must be the 3rd/4th time I get caught there.

I was stacked right at the intersection and I kept crashing every time I tried to TP away. Eventually I logged in at home instead of at the last location and I was able to get myself free.

In the meanwhile I got an IM that my flying fizz had been found in the Blake Sea - Windlass sim, many many sims away from the crashing point. I tp'ed there to recover the boat and found myself in a quite gorgeous tropical island.

Blake Sea - Windlass

After thanking the avie that contacted me and chatting a bit, I decided I liked the landscape there and since there were beach beds and torpical fruit drinks available I decided to relax there a bit

Blake Sea - Windlass

Aianna joined me there for a while and we had some fun when a funny owl avie piloting a cute submarine came manouvering. It really looked like he was trying to make us admire his ship and behaved more like a peacock than a owl :))

My SL evening ended with a highly emotional event where lady Aletheia Jacobus read some of her beutiful poems. Listening to Lady Aletheia is a powerful and fantastic experience: her poetry is beautiful and her reading skills are among the best I have listened to.

Have a happy friday and a good weekend


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AuroraSkye said...

What beautiful pictures, Wild!!! And I love that island! It looks wonderful! Glad you were able to come back "at home" and get yourself out of that crashing loop.