Monday, January 26, 2009

Exploring the Blake Sea

Yesterday evening, looking at report and announcements about the opening of the Blake Sea, following the moving of the USS I took the Battlestar on the eastern edge of Nautilus City (where it is possible to rezz) and I headed to the new waters.

Exploring the Blake Sea

I have mixed feelings about this operation. It is surely a wonderful opportunity for all those who love maritime activities in SL and expecially sailing. And in the past weeks I have been so attracted by the idea that I have started to look at the prices of small seaside plots to be able to have a base near this wonderful area (don't! they are simply outrageous, in the order of 100k for a 512 plot). And I still playing with the idea to rent at least a docking space somewhere in the USS for one of the small boats.

Exploring the Blake Sea

But these same thoughts have also made me think of the great unbalance this operation has brought into SL. It is very clear that the lands aroung the Blake Sea, both the mainland in the larger Nautilus continent, and the private estate of the USS are more equal than the others. There is no match between a seaside parcel in the original mainland or in the Southern Continent and one close to the Blake Sea. And no other estate will ever be able to offer access the same amount of world that the USS have now. I love Beek Haven for instance, and the Sea of Antiquity, and I used to sail a lot in the water of the elven lands. But there is no match honestly. They are still great for roleplaying but they have become very small for fun sailing. This new situation will be (and already is) reflected in the value of the properties and of the commercial spaces located in the different areas.

Exploring the Blake Sea

Aside from this consideration, that I think are worth keeping in mind when looking at the way SL will be evolving in the coming months, the area is surely a lot of fun for all those that love sailing in SL. I did not even get into the USS, just a quick round trip to the eastern edge and back, and it took about one hour. I met many people with boats of all classes, and the Battlestar was a lot successful, with some people coming onboard for a visit :)

I even saw several planes flying over the area, and at one moment I crossed this beautiful airship.

Exploring the Blake Sea

I did not take a great care in taking pictures. The evening were crowded in SL and the lag was bad enough, so objects were rezzing slowly but I was many spots worth another visit and a better photo coverage :)

until the next visit ...



AuroraSkye said...

Hi there -- Wow, very good points about the inequality of sailing areas now that SL has made those changes. :-(

I LOVE the photo you took of the airship next to you! What a neat airship!!! As usual, all your pics were great even tho you weren't trying to take many photos.

It looks like it was a very nice sailing trip! :-)

Alphonsus said...

Very nice, Captain. That some areas of SL are more equal than others seems to the be new reality. I can only imagine how some of the founding members feel about the whole thing.

May your skies at night stay ever red. :)

Princess Ivory said...

Sounds like you had fun. I'm still waiting for another sailing adventure with you . . . :)