Saturday, November 15, 2008

magical storytelling

like all Friday nights yesterday it was the time for Aianna's reading of the second volume of her Valley of the Ivory Swan. It is the more advanced of her currently running readings and it is the followup of the series of readings that started more than one year ago in Faeria. Since when Faeria has left the land in Huin, the readings take place in the Sanctuary of Adrilan in Alurel.

Some reading are more successful than others, with many people attending. Some other days are less successful, and like yesterday, almost nobody show up. I hate when that happens because I love that story and I don't want the reading to be canceled, and I am also sorry for Aianna who put a lot in these readings and it is not nice to see nobody attending.

Fairy Garden in Alurel

But yesterday Aianna recovered pretty well. Since Mykyl and I were the only ones there, she remembered a night, about one year ago, when she made up a story for us as she was telling it. True storytelling of the highest level.

And she did so yesterday. We moved down from the Sanctuary to the Fairy Garden and, after a few minutes to get the inspiration, she started telling the most wonderful story. It was truly a fantastic telling, full of magic and sense of wonder. Aianna is simply amazing in these things and she gave us a great moment.

Thank you, Aianna :)


P.S. : Aianna Oh currently reads her novels at Milk Wood on Mondays at 2pm stl, in Alurel on Fridays at 5 pm slt and she reads her bedtimes stories (classical tales and fairytales from Andersen, Brothers Grimm, Kipling, Dr. Seuss and others) on Sundays at 5 pm slt at the Aurora Town Tiny Village


Anonymous said...

I was speechless for that entire story - I can't wait to hear her read it on the stream some time! It truly was a remarkable evening :)
Thank you for suggesting it Wildstar, and *THANK YOU!* Aianna for a really great story. :)

Dulcinea said...

Having just talked with Mykyl this morning I am aware of the story told by Aianna and so wish I had been there to hear it. I look forward to a time when she reads it on one of her storytelling times. You certainly reinforced my desire to hear her read, Wildstar.

You are full of ideas and they are refreshing.

Thankyou for many things in which you find yourself involved, whether voluntarily or otherwise. You are a special person.


AuroraSkye said...

Sounds like that was very special. I keep missing the readings cuz I don't seem to even GET on SL til later in the night-time -- but the stories sound nice.