Sunday, November 2, 2008

beek haven

Beek Haven is a pirate and mermaid RP area. One of the best I have seen. It is a set of nine sims, eight of which are openspaces. Six more sims were planned to expand the area into a 4x4 sims region. Those openspaces are almost full open water. Ships fight battles with a lot of space to manouver and play hide and seek with a number of fighting events scheduled each weeks. The underwater landscape is perfect for mermaids to swim and be happy. The piers see several ships of different types docked there, and the view is really spectacular. 

The people are friendly there and it is quite easy to be drafted as crew for some battle :)

Sunrise on the fleet

The sim is also home to the shop of Chase Speculaas, great builder of fantastic scripted ships and it is there that I got my Fighting Star and I did some training in sailing and fighting.


The eight openspaces of Beek Haven are used in exactly as openspaces are supposed to be used, according to the latest Lindens statements. Yet, this wonderful place will be soon lost.

I was there this morning and I briefly chatted with Dutch Hoorenbeek, the owner and the soul of the region. He told me that the new cost policy was unsusteinable and if there will be no change they will have to close down soon. 

Another great place in jeopardy and potentially lost


AuroraSkye said...

OH I am AMAZED at that "Sunrise on the Fleet" picture!!!! WOW that is SOOO gorgeous! Sounds like neat sims too -=- I am always so impressed with your photos, Wild!

Rhett said...

Wow I am fighting my urge to log on and see this for myself!