Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have never been a great builder or scripter. Mostly because I much prefer to spend my time online exploring or hanging with friends rather than improving my skills. I have created a nice script for detecting and greeting visitors and a few minor builds. I have started a Roman villa once and two castles that I abandoned.

I loved the Roman building, but it was taking far too many prims and I gave it up.

Sunset from the construction platform

I also started three castles, to be used as skyboxes. The first can be seen in the next image. It is almost completed and it is in my inventory. I did not dislike it, but I made a mistake and I took a footprint too large with respect to what I could afford on my Winterfell plots. I started a new one but after a while I decided I did not like the way it was turning out, so I erased it.

Under Constraction

Now I have another one under construction, 3000m on the sky over Winterfell Ebonshire. This time I made a plan before I started to put the prims together and it is not coming out too bad, even if the surrounding conditions have changed and I do not know if I will complete it, at least in its present form.

In the meanwhile I started a new project : an airbase. It all started when Lord Lisle took me on some of his planes. Lord Lisle is a great fan of SL aviation and riding his planes with him has always been a great fun. He took me also to get a number of freebie planes, among which some really cool steampunk flyers (in return I have taken him out to sea a few times :) ).

In the meanwhile I also found a couple of really cool airships I became very fond of and so I decided to star building a space that could provide a runaway for the planes and docking spaces for the airships.

The airbase is still under construction and in progress but so far I am having a lot of fun and so I hope to see it completed early enough.


I think it would be cool to have a grand opening once it will be ready :))

Stay tuned


P.S. My entry to the Mix'n Match event was supposed to appear yesterday, but the hosting blog has not published it yet. It is really a pity not have appeared together will all the others on the expected date, but from her latest post,it appears that the blog owner was taking some time away, so I hope it will appear eventually when she will be back


Princess Ivory said...

I read a tip recently (I wish I could remember where, so I could give proper credit. If the person reads this, shout out, ok?!)

Anyway, when trying to decide if a building you are considering buying will fit your plot or not, use a 20x20x.05 megaprim. But don't rezz it as an object, which might get auto-returned or cause other problems. WEAR it as an attachment on your stomach! You are then at the center, and your prim stretches 10 meters in each direction. Walk into buildings, and see where you plywood attachment fits, and where it does not.

Pretty cool, eh? :)

AuroraSkye said...

Oh what a NEAT castle AND what a wonderful air-landing place! I love them both!!!! And what a neat idea about the air-landing place -- I can't wait for its opening.

Too bad your Blog didn't appear with the others- - I look forward to reading it when it appears!

Hugs!!!! :-)

Dulcinea said...

I love the castle in the sky and the landing pad, Wildstar. You are very creative. You dream well and true. Seems like Princess has suggestions that would be useful, though I am the last one to ask about that since I'm such a computer dummy....certainly when it comes to building and sims and tiers, not to mention how on earth one builds in the sky.

I enjoy your comments, short though they may be. I miss seeing you in Faeria. Perhaps one day I'll find you in Winterfell.