Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the second birthday of Radio Riel

yesterday, the first of June, Radio Riel celebrated its second anniversary with a 24 hours event at the Clarendon, in New Babbage.

I love Radio Riel. It provides hours and hours of great music and entertainment. I was lucky that this is a long weekend in Italy, so I had the day off and I could spend a lot of time in SL and at the celebration in particular. I got there almost at the beginning and I was able to stay, with some RL interruptions, for most of the next 16 hours.

Radio Riel 2nd Birthday

Many thanks to the people who provided - and still provide every day - a great amount of fun and entertainment. Her Grace Gabrielle Riel in primis, but also all the other skilled presenters and announcers and hosts that are part of the staff. RR has become part of the soundtrack of my day and it is there to stay.

Radio Riel 2nd Birthday

Stay tuned :D


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