Thursday, June 18, 2009

the Fantasy Faire

As mentioned in my previous post I am spending most of my SL time this week exploring the Fantasy Faire. I like fairs: they assemble and show the talent of so many creators in the same place and I love to admire those works. Sure ... these places are very dangerous for one's lindens balance ;) but after all they are usually RFL related (at least in this season) and so one is excused to spend a lot. After all it is for a good cause ! :)

My personal policy is to buy only from RFL vendors at the fair, and then I assemble a directory of Landmarks of shops where I saw something I am very interested in . I visit these places in the following weeks with the rule of no more than one major purchase per week. A bit of discipline must be maintained ;) After all I have no SL income and what I spend in on my entertainment budget :)

The fair is made by 9 sims. A central stage for events (I am at a wonderful concert of Tamra Sands as I blog) and 8 surrounding sims covering several themes all related to the fantasy concept, ranging from those very well rooted in SL culture, like nekos, to classical SF.

Most booths are relative to clothing, which is, of course, the favorite shopping item for most, but there are some lovely gadgets to be found and I am always stunned by the beauty of Woodshed furniture!

Monday, the opening day, I was at the show that opened the fair: it was great. The level of visual quality certain shows have achieved in SL is incredible and the show of the Trinity Sisters was absolutely over the top !

Fantasy Faire_007

Fantasy Faire_002

Winterfell has a booth at the fair. It quite a lovely booth and it succeeds in transmitting the beauty of the place, with a lovely little castle built by Miss Serra and the latest trees by Miss
Uni, some nice scenery and a few pictures by yours truly :) Both the castle and the trees are available from RFL vendors.

Winterfell Booth at the Fantasy Faire

I still have to visit a couple of sims, but I can say that I am well satisfied with the fair. I even took the lovely Princess Ivory around one evening and I tempted her into buying a new gown. She is also set to come back to get more of the outfist I pointed out to her :)

Other events are coming next week: SL6B, of course, with all the discussions this event carries every year (where is Shakespeare ?!), the Midsummer RFL Grand Tour during the weekend, and the Hair Fair just to mention a few. I don't plan to spend as much time and money as I did at the Fantasy Faire but it might be interesting nevertheless. I so seldom find hairstyles I like, and usually no more than a style per brand, so I am curious to see what the creators have to offer

Stay tuned :)


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