Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fantasy Faire Featured Shop: Raven's Heart by Thane Woodford

Raven's Heart is a shop where everybody trying to create a natural looking region may find something interesting.

Thane Woordford welcomes me into the shop telling me about his experience as a creator in SL: " "I am a jeweler rl, and when I entered SL it was like finding a whole new box of crayons in colours I had never seen before"

Thane has always been a creator, either of physical things or less tangible things, like songs. He grew up in an orchard farm and he has been mostly influenced by nature and the whole Art Nouveau period. First arrived in SL to view historical recreation sites, building bit hit pretty soon when he decided to learn how to make the maps that he wanted and could not find.

After the meeting with Sea Warcliffe, and his partner Beautiful Shamen, at Builder's Brewery, they started working as a team.

Raven's Heart specializes in low prim but natural looking things. 

Thane explains : "It has definitely evolved as I have learned more ways to twist the tail of my program, I also get ideas from my group, who are never shy of asking for what they want. I do abstract shapes for jewelers and clothing makers, statuary, symbols, I kind of go through periods of fascination with a form."

For the past years Thane has created many items for Relay For Life but, for this year's Fantasy Faire, he has created the mushroom cluster and stained glass window that can be found in the RFL vendors. Another item, still under construction, will be available for the auction.

RFL is very important for Thane, who is facing the battle in his own family these very days.

In his sim, Talisman, Thane did also set up a place where people can light candles for others who need healing or have passed over.

Thane ends our chat stressing once more the importance to create low prim items, so that
even people on a 512 plot can have a bird or a rabbit or a fawn in their yard.

Raven's Heart can be found at

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