Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fantasy Faire Featured Shop: Niekra's Dreams by Niekra Torvalar

Niekra creates fantasy avatars, based both on her own original roleplaying stories and on various MMO games she plays, such as World of Warcraft and Aion. For instance the outfits for her sun priestess avatars were based off of a original Desert Elf story she and a friend came up with. They're part of a oasis town called the Sun Solace

Niekra's work started in 2009 with a small shop embedded in a much larger shop area. Since then she moved to her own space. I visited the main shop and it is very nice and elegant.

Niekra's avatar are mostly Fantasy subjects, elves, demons, but also humans and other creatures.

The shop area at the Fantasy Faire is in the beautiful and mysterious sim of DragonSpire at and it is as charming as the main shop.

For the Fantasy Faire Niekra prepared two avatars, Shade and Pride, which are available at the store from in RFL vendors. Other products were also specially updated with more color options.

Here's, in the next picture, yours truly modeling the Shade Avatar

A stop by Niekra's Dream is strongly suggested when you are visiting the Fantasy Faire !

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